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‘Peak Performance’ -

“A Certificate in Personal Development”


‘ Master Performance’ is a Dynamic Monthly Self-Development Programme. Designed for you to unlock your true potential AND in doing so to achieve levels of performance you never could imagine possible.

The heart of this programme is Micky Holliday and  Dr Kerry L Johnson  “America’s Business Psychologist” Peak Performance Selling books “How to increase your business by 70% in six weeks…………a Goal Achievement System, along with Performance Coaching working together powerfully to reinforce your learning creating lasting and successful habits to help you reach your full potential.

The programme’s  activities and exercise need to be practiced again and again. Because each time you do, hear and see the principles in action  you will be in a different state of mind by doing this you will constantly learn new things.

‘Remember repetition is the mother of learning’

The theme of the course is reaching Master Performance through a goal achievement system. Areas covered include:

   The barriers to achievement: avoidance behaviours, self-sabotaging fears.
   Increasing your productivity: setting and visualising objectives, applying and building     target averages.
   The secret to goal achievement: habit patterns, increasing activity, the psychology of         change.
   The success partnership: commitment contract, weekly activity log and journal writing.
This unique course will help determine the amount of effort required to achieve all your life’s dream and not only financially e.g. Increased confidence, improved relationships, loss of weight, change of habits and will teach you to cope with the stress that may be a result of change.