Starting a Subscription Website Newsletter

Starting a Subscription Website Newsletter

Subscription website publishing is charging for access to premium content on the internet. Running your own Subscription Website has so many advantages over other businesses.


There are varios types of profitable subscription websites business model such as:


-Subscription Website Business Model #1 – Newsletter

-Subscription Website Business Model #2 – Membership

-Subscription Website Business Model #3 – Magazine

-Subscription Website Business Model #4 – Periodical

-Subscription Website Business Model #5 – -Subscription Website Business Model #6 – Reference

-Subscription Website Business Model #7 – Blog

-Subscription Website Business Model #8 – Portal

-Subscription Website Business Model #9 – Social


Sharing a bit on the Subscription Website Newsletter type you see that

this business truly can give you the freedom to choose your ideal way of life, and can give you the TIME you need to enjoy it.


Running a Subscription Website Newsletter


There are basically two things that you need when running a Subscription Website Newsletter:


1.You need a way for visitors to your site to sign up or leave the mailing list.


2.You also need a way for you to post to the entire mailing list.


3. Automate Payment: As your subscriber list grows, you will not want to spend several days every month simply typing in credit card info. Make sure to use a merchant account.


provider that allows you to automatically re-bill your subscribers.



All this assuming here that you already have a website or provider. If this is not true, you may want to check out for more information on how to get one.


Using a Third Party Service


The easiest way to run a Subscription Website Newsletteris to let a third party mailing list service handle the dirty work, freeing you to concentrate on

your content. There are both commercial and free mailing list hosting services available specially build for it. I have also used and reviewed Wild Apricot

membership website builder which I recomended.



What to Write?


I would suggest that your Subscription Website Newsletter contain things useful to your readers. Choose your Topic Wisely. The more unique and valuable the

information you provide is, the more people will pay for it.



Get Started!


You probably have enough tips to start you off on your own Subscription Website Newsletter here. The rest of the stuff pretty much depends on what you want

to do with your newsletter.


Happy publishing!



About the Author:

Marisol Diaz is a free spirited entrepreneur and business owner committed to helping individuals discover personal and financial freedom through infopreneurship, online business, web-based business, information based and membership sites. If you would like to learn more about setting up a membership site,  for Fees, Rates and Prices you can also contact me at:

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